Topic: executable code from specifications and designs

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program design
requirement specification

automated tests of specifications and designs
compiling pseudocode designs
execution with program stubs
program execution
symbolic execution
transformation of programs

Subtopic: virtual finite-state machines up

Quote: Lucent uses virtual finite-state machines (VFSM) to separate the control behavior of a software module from its data manipulation; formal, executable, early error checking, 50% fewer defects, automatic documentation [»florAR1_1997]
Quote: execute VFSM specifications by Wait input, Execute input actions, While transition, Execute exit actions, Change state, Execute entry actions [»wagnF5_1992]

Subtopic: ideal reuse up

Quote: in an ideal reuse technology, automatically translate abstract specifications into an executable system

Subtopic: specification is implementation up

Quote: in Prolog the specification is the implementation [»warrDH2_1980]
Quote: the TOPD flattener removes all hierarchical structure; then it's translated into equivalent COBOL statements [»hendP9_1975]
Quote: CADES generates code from a formal holon description and a design information system database [»pearDJ7_1973]
Quote: Programmers_Assistant surface analyzer constructs a surface plan from the program's intermediate form; primitive operations with data and control flow [»wateRC1_1982]
Quote: Programmers_Assistant coder creates code from an edited plan; displayed to programmer as a summary of the program's current state [»wateRC1_1982]
Quote: MicroTool generates declarations for each data section and code and calling sequence for each flowchart; automatic updates [»elshJL1_1991]

Subtopic: sketching up

Quote: start StreamBit with a reference program defining the task by its bit-level dataflow; then sketch a template for an efficient implementation [»solaA6_2005]
Quote: a sketch is a partial specification of an implementation; rapid evaluation of sophisticated implementation ideas; easier to write, no low-level details, rejects buggy sketches [»solaA6_2005]

Subtopic: templates/segments of code up

Quote: program by selecting templates and scratchpad names with an electronic pen; prompts for variables, etc. and generates code [»blacR3_1983]
Quote: segments are the computation units for a Programmers_Assistant plan; consists of input/output ports, preconditions, and postconditions [»wateRC1_1982]

Subtopic: translate into programming language up

Quote: translate the activity hierarchy and statecharts into a programming language [»hareD1_1992]
Quote: Cleanroom designs are mapped statement-to-statement into PL/1; automated [»lingRC10_1988]
Quote: Model II produces a PL/1 or Cobol program from a specification

Subtopic: programming systems do not help with specification up

Quote: programming systems are particularly useful for well specified or unspecified programs; they do not help with writing specifications [»wassAI_1983]
Quote: program proving and automatic derivation of code from formal specifications are not important; e.g., implementation of formal specifications caused few errors

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