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Subtopic: memorization by location up

Quote: Simonides memorized long recitations by mentally walking about a temple and talking to statues [»boltRA_1979]
Quote: when arguing a topic in front of a blackboard, will refer to diagrams and equations by location, even long after they're erased [»boltRA_1979]
Quote: growing consensus that spatial metaphors useful for reasoning and problem-solving [»kerrST_1986]

Subtopic: computer as memory up

Quote: memory is a characteristic feature of computers; the act of inserting an item erases whatever was there before [»straC8_1967]

Subtopic: action vs. mental states up

Quote: memory is a mechanism for generating current performance based on past experience, not an inventory of mental states [»searJR_1992]

Subtopic: recall up

Quote: asked four subjects to think aloud while attempting to recall full names of classmates from high school; 4-10 one hour sessions [»willMD12_1980]
Quote: users can keep recalling names of high school classmates for extended periods of time [»willMD12_1980]
Quote: one subject recalled 35% of the names of high school classmates with 1000 partial recalls and 10,000 incidental recalls
Quote: one year after collecting the data, users could remember tasks given the user transcript and a maximal repetitive pattern [»siocAC10_1991]
Quote: availability heuristic: people judge probability by the ease of recalling instances or events; can lead to errors [»tverA9_1974]

Subtopic: inexact recall vs. full-text retrieval up

Quote: the implicit assumption of simple full-text retrieval systems is that we recall words and phrases in a document exactly; but psychologists have shown that memory is inexact [»blaiDC1_1996]

Subtopic: matching names and faces vs. recall up

Quote: identification and matching of high school names and faces remains 90% after 15 years; free recall declines 60% in 48 years [»bahrHP3_1975]

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