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Voice is an effective user interface requiring neither hands nor visual attention. It is particularly effective for broadcasting alarm conditions. Several voice annunciators have been built, as well as some voice command detectors. All such devices support only a small set of possible words. (cbb 5/80)

Voice and sound are particularly useful in command and control. NASA flight controllers coordinate activities with simultaneous voice loops. Sound adds to process simulations. (cbb 4/98)

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Quote: NASA flight controllers use at least four voice loops to coordinate activity: from flight director, between air and ground, with support staff, and ad-hoc conferences [»wattJC_1996]
Quote: voice loops allows controllers to pick up relevant events without disrupting their own work or other work [»wattJC_1996]
Quote: use a voice loop to determine whether or not to interrupt someone [»wattJC_1996]
Quote: on a voice loop, use abbreviations, acronyms, and coded language to reduce traffic [»wattJC_1996]
Quote: controllers can adjust the volume of a voice loop [»wattJC_1996]

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QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;2/77 67 Threshold Technology's Threshold 500 terminal allows voice input. based on Digital's LSI-11 chip for $10,000
QuoteRef: instrumentcontrol ;;1/80 54 "Texas Instruments has added a speech synthesizer module to its TM990 line...It speaks 153 words (including the numbers zero through twelve) and the 26 letters of the alphabet. The messages are pronounced in a deep voice, albeit one with a relatively flat inflection

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Quote: SDMS provides voice annotation of Dataland using an anchorpoint and critical range [»boltRA_1979]

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Quote: editing voice data is easy because of ease in playing a selected segment of voice and then recognizing the visual pattern [»postJB1_1988]

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Quote: auditory icons in a collaborative simulation increased the level of collaboration; e.g., noticing and solving problems [»gaveWW4_1991]
Quote: text-to-speech forced subjects to pay attention to the other player; may have lead to greater cooperation
Quote: talking-out-loud (overhearing) helps colleagues orient their actions to a wider context; specific responses are not called for [»robiM1_2000]
Quote: in iterated prisoner's dilemma, best cooperation with a speakerphone, then text-to-speech, then text, then none [»jensC4_2000]

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Quote: video helps non-native speakers explain a map route; does not help native speakers [»veinES5_1999]

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Quote: users quickly learned the meaning and functions of a complex system of sounds; few users forgot their meanings [»gaveWW4_1991]
Quote: auditory icons useful when users do not notice all visual feedback; auditory cues don't require attention [»gaveWW4_1991]
Quote: the ARKola factory uses 14 distinct sounds; may be repeated about once a second [»gaveWW4_1991]
Quote: added an ecology of auditory icons to a complex simulation; useful information, helped perceptual integration, assist collaboration [»gaveWW4_1991]

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Quote: found sound enhanced navigation in Dataland; provided guidance, orientation, and redundancy; noticed when it was broken [»boltRA_1979]

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Quote: audio is useful for signaling exceptional conditions; e.g., computer beeps [»browMH12_1992]

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Quote: use hoot instructions to listen to a routine's progress; repeated pulses generates a steady note, rich in harmonies; a single pulse is audible [»turiA3_1951]
Quote: the EDSAC accumulator was attached to a loudspeaker; users could detect small changes in rhythm [»campM1_1980]

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Quote: creating text by keyboard-mouse faster than continuous speech recognition; more natural [»karaCM5_1999]
Quote: dealers could interleave multiple trades across trading floors; the meaning of a number depended on prior conversation; difficult for voice recognition [»jiroM5_2006]

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Quote: sound is harder to use than color in a user interface [»browMH12_1992]
Quote: indicating the end of a process by a cessation of sound doesn't work well [»gaveWW4_1991]

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