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Subtopic: audience reaction up

Quote: when Disney finished a cartoon, the whole staff went to the movie theater to see how audiences liked it [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: manual simulation up

Quote: SmartHelp simulated intelligent help with a person, but none of the participants voiced suspicions [»carrJM9_1988]

Subtopic: study of SuperBook up

Quote: essays written with SuperBook significantly better than those with conventional documentation [»eganDE5_1989]
Quote: SuperBook users rated the documentation significantly easier to use [»eganDE5_1989]
Quote: tested a SuperBook with a large statistics text [»eganDE5_1989]

Subtopic: contextual design up

Quote: Programmer's Workbench Memorandum Macros resulted from examining how people manipulate and stylize their documentation; easy to learn [»mashJR_1976a]

Subtopic: use of examples up

Quote: research supports the use of examples for program comprehension and production; faster, fewer attempts, more accurate, used as template [»mcleSG5_1998]

Subtopic: personalization up

Quote: subjects who specified how they would receive messages took fewer notes and exhibited greater comprehension [»ramsHR5_1983]

Subtopic: eliding material up

Quote: significantly more time was spent searching the display when all alternatives were presented vs. permissible alternatives [»bakeJD6_1966]

Subtopic: avoiding reading up

Quote: users often fail to read information even though modest amount of text in the expected form [»robeG5_1981]
Quote: forced learners to read the introduction by placing it across the envelope's seal [»carrJM_1990]

Subtopic: speech recognition up

Quote: creating text by keyboard-mouse faster than continuous speech recognition; more natural [»karaCM5_1999]

Subtopic: note taking up

Quote: tested StickeNote system in a 2-month study of giraffe behavior; recorded every nibble [»pascJ9_2000]

Subtopic: selection up

Quote: excentric labels about 60% faster than virtual instantaneous zoom for successful searches [»fekeJD5_1999]
Quote: search for upper-left targets faster than lower-right targets; 2x to 4x; roughly linear for three column layout; lower middle targets slower [»hornAJ9_2001]
Quote: 1/5 second search time for target-only layouts; independent of position

Subtopic: icon up

Quote: studied representational and graphically concrete icons as compared to arbitrary and abstract icons [»stotDB10_1998]

Subtopic: menus up

Quote: even on large monitors, bar menus are faster than the best walking menu [»walkN4_1990]
Quote: dynamic menus move most frequent item to top; slowed down novices, no improvement after experience, strongly disliked [»mitcJ4_1989]
Quote: best to minimize depth of menu trees by using 8-9 selections at each level [»kigeJI2_1984]
Quote: using pop-up menus instead of dialogue-boxes saved 11 seconds for certain telephone queries; estimated savings of $1.6 million in two years [»nielJ11_1993]

Subtopic: control system up

Quote: novices users on OZ maintained altitude and heading clearly better than a conventional display [»stilDL12_2002]
Quote: neither experience nor turbulence effected the RMS error for altitude or heading

Subtopic: windows up

Quote: Elastic Windows ten-fold faster than overlapping windows for a complex, comparison task [»kandE3_1998]

Subtopic: web browser up

Quote: web browser tasks in order: Use Information, Locate, Goto (and wait) [»byrnMD5_1999]

Subtopic: web search up

Quote: study of user searches at [»jansBJ1_1998]
Quote: analysis of AltaVista search query log; 25 most common queries covered 1.5% of total; most sessions consisted of one query, viewed one screen of results [»silvC9_1999]

Subtopic: newsgroup up

Quote: analysis of 2 million messages on 500 Usenet newsgroups over 6 months [»whitS11_1998]

Subtopic: phrase editor up

Quote: English phrase editor better than notational editor at 0.001 confidence level with 24 subjects [»ledgH_1981]
Quote: English phrases better than notations for controlling an editor; on all measures, e.g., nearly half the mistakes [»ledgH10_1980]
Quote: better performance when editing commands were English phrases instead of notations; novice and expert

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