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computer hardware
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program proving is infeasible
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Subtopic: hardware vs. software design up

Quote: a computer hardware designer must use tolerances and statistical quality control [»dijkEW_1982]
Quote: a hardware designer must continually learn new technologies [»dijkEW_1982]
Quote: while hardware components have evolved rapidly, the target artifact is largely constant [»dijkEW_1982]
Quote: for software, the source components are largely stable, but the target artifacts keep changing [»dijkEW_1982]
Quote: software is especially complex because no two parts are alike while physical systems contain many repeated components [»brooFP_1986]
Quote: a prototype in engineering is a phase of the production process where a model is built for testing and guidance; not applicable to software [»floyC_1984]
Quote: hardware design and design checking of complex chips is heavily dependent on software [»wilkM10_1990]
Quote: a programmer can write and call a subroutine just as easily as invoking specially-built hardware; and without the maintenance cost [»utleAM6_1949]

Subtopic: hardware-assist up

Quote: use a hardware-walked, nested page table for VMMs; translates guest virtual addresses to host physical addresses; fast guest context switches and slightly slower TLB misses [»adamK10_2006]

Subtopic: hardware vs. software reliability up

Quote: analog systems can be reliable because they are continuous; small input changes cause small output changes [»parnDL12_1985]
Quote: computer hardware is reliable because its repetitive structure does not need exhaustive testing [»parnDL12_1985]
Quote: proving a hardware design is just another form of checking; does not catch specification errors and analog behavior [»wilkM10_1990]
Quote: hardware only brings down a single site; but software can bring down the system [»birrAD4_1982]

Subtopic: hardware vs. software performance up

Quote: hardware timer interrupts are expensive; context switch, highest priority, poor cache locality [»aronM8_2000]
Quote: software VMM performs better than hardware VMM due to high VMM/guest transition costs and a rigid programming model; software VMM replaces traps with callouts [»adamK10_2006]

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