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An information filter attempts to remove unneeded material. For example, an email program can automatically move incoming messages into folders.

While effective for reducing spam, automatic filters are difficult to adjust. They either filter too much or too little. (cbb 10/07)

Subtopic: control incoming information and mail up

Quote: need to control and filter information that is received electronically [»dennPJ3_1982]
Quote: except for private mail; all mail should be filtered to limit the information flow [»dennPJ3_1982]
Quote: users filter mail by content (keywords and phrases), sender-receiver relationship, and by cost-value decisions [»maloTW5_1987]
Quote: cost of a mail message by size and by number of receivers; published articles had a high value [»maloTW5_1987]

Subtopic: examples of filters up

Quote: NLS view filters by hierarchical depth, items per level, or content
Quote: NLS used view filters to select information for from a hypertext database [»conkJ9_1987]
Quote: users retain records which match a query in a filter list that isn't full [»giffDK12_1985]
Quote: a program can classify incoming mail into a folder; otherwise placed in 'mail' [»boreN2_1988]
Quote: InformationLens provides rule-action pairs for finding, filtering, and sorting mail [»maloTW5_1987]
Quote: InformationLens provides structured templates with alternatives and rules for receivers to automatically filter and classify mail [»maloTW4_1987]
Quote: InformationLens rules for moving messages into folders, deleting messages, and forwarding messages [»maloTW4_1987]
Quote: construct multi-step rules with InformationLens by setting and testing characteristics across several rules [»maloTW4_1987]

Subtopic: ranking messages up

Quote: messages can be ranked by importance number selected by sender and a bias selected by receiver for each sender [»dennPJ3_1982]
Quote: mailboxes can have an 'asking price' to filter out mail with low 'bid's; receiver gets asking price from sender [»dennPJ3_1982]
Quote: trusted authorities could certify quality numbers for certain classes of documents [»dennPJ3_1982]
Quote: Netlib managers review all submissions before adding to the collection [»dongJJ5_1987]

Subtopic: automatic deletion up

Quote: can delete mail by moving a message set to the 'deleted' folder [»kentJ8_1988]

Subtopic: problems with automatic filtering up

Quote: we need humans between us and the flood of information; i.e., editors who sift and select information [»dvorJC3_1997]
Quote: no automated routine can distinguish useless from relevant communications; especially when a user's tasks and interests change [»hiltSR7_1985]
Quote: Andrew's Advisor system first tried automatic filing of messages by subject; 50% misclassification, too cluttered [»boreNS9_1988]
Quote: Andrew's Advisor system now sorts incoming mail by day; students process one day's messages and cross-post those they miss [»boreNS9_1988]
Quote: with human message sorting, Advisor can use fine-grained helpboxes that contain real requests; high-content and worth reading

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