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A decision table is a tabular representation for conditional action. It was developed as a design technique for complicated decisions. The first half of a decision table specifies possible combinations of conditions; the second half arranged below the first, specifies the actions taken for each combination. The first half are guards for actions in the second half. This technique works well for a few, strongly interrelated conditions and actions. It makes taxon information easy to determine but sequence information is implicit. Decision tables have been automated as a programming system. They are useful for requirement specifications.

Advantages-- Information is presented through a table in an easy to modify format. Decision table systems correspond with known design techniques.

Disadvantages-- Sequence information is implicit (could it be added?). (cbb 5/80)

Subtopic: complex decisions up

Quote: use decision tables to begin the formulation of complex decision making [»zimmJA2_1981]
Quote: complex iterations by a selection phase that uses a decision table and an action phase; repeat until exit action [»zimmJA2_1981]

Subtopic: localized understanding up

Quote: a table improves view traversability because the neighborhoods are constant size and the diameter of the graph is the square root of its total size [»furnGW3_1997]
Quote: use tables of mathematical expressions for practical, precise definitions; each cell defines a specific case [»parnDL8_1984]
Quote: assist a program checker with a table of assertions for each state of the machine with restrictions on the induction variables, and the next states [»turiAM6_1949]

Subtopic: requirements up

Quote: decision trees define audit requirements; each node retrieves a data entity for comparison with other data; leaves represent reports or corrective actions [»guptNK1_1997]

Subtopic: decision tables up

Quote: define conditions by tables; a set of VFSM input variables represents an AND operation; a table of sets represents an OR operation [»wagnF5_1992]
Quote: can base software languages on 2-d text, e.g., decision tables; excellent for organizing information but difficult to read and use [»joneTC4_1979a]
Quote: use tables to specify the post-value of a variable for various combinations of pre-values [»parnDL12_1994]
Quote: an 'NC' entry specifies that the variable is not changed for that combination of pre-values
Quote: use decision tables to select plan for avoiding collisions [»freuE_1984]
Quote: an event table gives the periodic or demand function to execute when a system mode holds [»heniKL1_1980]
QuoteRef: mcquD5_1975 ;;26 decision tables in transaction diagrams by columns of test results and row of actions for certain values (columns by header rows with x in corresponding column and possible values indicated
QuoteRef: daviNR2_1974 ;;40 decision table-- conditions (y,n,ignore) by component actions
QuoteRef: cbb_1973 ;;2/20/78 will need to define a table. since it is a useful way of presenting information.
QuoteRef: heniKL1_1980 ;;(cbb copied example of event and condition tables)
Quote: Structured Analysis tools include data flow diagrams, dictionaries, decision tables, and structured English

Subtopic: decision tree up

Quote: users did better with decision trees than with a linear syntax; languages should allow a graphical syntax [»vessI1_1986]
Quote: develop statistical model for compression by proposing a large number of predictors and inferring a decision tree; e.g., opcode vs. literal data [»frasCW5_1999]
Quote: a matrix-based test sheet works well because it redesigns the software as a decision table
Quote: for white-box testing, count IF statements instead of LOC; measures the number of executable paths [»yamaT11_1998]

Subtopic: periodic functions up

Quote: describe periodic functions with condition tables; behavior depends on time interval, mode and conditions [»heniKL1_1980]

Subtopic: procedure tables by conditions up

Quote: a 'procedure table' consists of columns specifying conditions and sets of subsequent actions; checked from top to bottom [»millLA10_1978]
Quote: procedure tables are like a transposed decision table, or SNOBOL's flow of control
Quote: found procedure tables (transposed decision table) significantly better than IF, BRANCH, and FLOW control [»millLA10_1978]
Quote: procedure tables work best for simple problems [»millLA10_1978]

Subtopic: tabular definition up

Note: use a table for tabular definitions (e.g., case or switch) [»cbb_1990, OK]

Subtopic: problems with decision tables up

Quote: decision tables and production systems present the taxa; human must discover the sequence [»simeME1_1977a]
Quote: non-procedural languages need redundant re-coding of sequence information; otherwise it is obscured

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