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Hypertext is more fragments than essays, articles, and books. It encourages breaking an idea into many pieces, perhaps too many.

While books remain predominately paper, articles and essays are widely available. With PDF format, they appear similar to published material. (cbb 3/07)

Subtopic: fragments vs. coherent text up

Quote: in problem formulation shouldn't break thoughts into discrete units; form is vague, contradictory, and incomplete [»begeML10_1988]
Quote: electronic text encourages a billboard writing style for quick scanning [»kerrST_1986]
Quote: Hypertext forces ideas into fine-grained fragments while obscuring the larger idea being developed [»begeML10_1988]
Quote: many ideas are not confined to discrete fragments, e.g., Hamlet's indecisiveness [»raymDR7_1988]
Quote: a node is a context-less chunk of commentary that violates principles of coherence in traditional composition [»slatJM_1988]
Quote: database tuples are independently understood while knowledge system nodes need prerequisites [»shasD_1985]
Quote: reading comprehension best if information is structured with clear transitions [»charD11_1987]
Quote: many users find NoteCards difficult to use for developing ideas because it's difficult to segment ideas into notecards [»halaFG4_1987]
Quote: many NoteCards users have trouble with segmenting ideas into cards, assigning a title, and filing into a filebox [»halaFG7_1988]

Subtopic: implicit structure vs. links up

Quote: the implicit structure of a linear document can be more effective than the explicit structure of Hypertext [»raymDR7_1988]
Quote: a dictionary entry conveys implicit information through the relative sizes and arrangement of its parts [»raymDR7_1988]

Subtopic: hypertext needs fragments up

Quote: fragmentation is important to Hypertext; ideally into independent concepts such as footnotes, references, annotations [»raymDR7_1988]
Quote: long blocks of text work poorly with Hypertext since can easily 'switch channels'; this prevents a deep understanding of material

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