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Subtopic: what is our business? up

Quote: everyone has an answer to "What is our business?"; unless management provides an answer, employees will act on conflicting theories [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: answering "What is our business?" is the first responsibility of top management [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: organizations are systems composed of ideas, the meanings of which must be managed [»peteTJ_1982]
Quote: fitful, capricious action interferes with the natural course of things; no guarantee of progress
Quote: Goethe--achieve goals by tyrannical power or single-mindedness; the later is available to all [»vonmV_1832]

Subtopic: top-management provides direction up

Quote: top-management is concerned with allocating funds, managing executive personnel, and long-range planning [»simoHA_1981]
Quote: in an organization, fighting fires takes precedence over new investment or knowledge; the later require constant leadership [»simoHA_1981]

Subtopic: many for examination, few for preparation and perfection up

Quote: business requires preparation, examination, and perfection; use many people for examination, few people for the rest [»bacoF_1600, OK]

Subtopic: anticipate the future up

Quote: strategic planning is necessary because people are not good at forecasting [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: require data for resolving design issues; establish a data-driven culture; data forces the right questions [»colwRP_2006]
Quote: management must anticipate the future, attempt to mold it, and to balance short- and long-range goals; people are not good at this [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: business should not plan beyond 20 years; statistics not applicable and present values are normally zero [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: business planning should not predict the future; instead it should determine future possibilities and plan for each likelihood [»drucPF_1974, OK]

Subtopic: undue optimism up

Quote: undue optimism about success and scheduling because everything must succeed (conjunction anchoring) [»tverA2_1974]
Quote: undue optimism about risks because any event can fail (disjunctive anchoring) [»tverA2_1974]

Subtopic: scarce resources up

Quote: a plan shows where scarce resources, particularly key people, should be working [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: a plan only succeeds if it gets commitment by key people to work on specific tasks

Subtopic: headquarters' staff up

Quote: ITT uses a large headquarters' staff to verify estimates and plans of managers [»duns12_1970]

Subtopic: game plans up

Quote: ITT game plans include exigency plans, e.g., what if sales is 70% of expectations [»duns12_1970]
Quote: can always cancel or radically change a project; must counteract the feeling that one cannot afford to stop [»neugW_1982]
Quote: at ITT, if sales go off estimates, the first step is reducing costs, then increase sales [»duns12_1970]
Quote: what facts, by when, would change a decision? use for contingency planning and to test presumptions

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