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limitations of robots
coordinated motor programs
motion planning for robots
continuous coordination of robot motion
force control in robots


Speeter, T.H., "Analysis and control of robotic manipulation", PhD thesis, Clevland, Ohio, Case Western Reserve, 1986 (?). Google

1 ;;Quote: robots are not dexterous
20 ;;Quote: after lose of nerve signals, can not learn new motor tasks, exert continuous force, or precise manipulation
20+ ;;Quote: after lose of nerve signals, can still perform previously-learned, gross motor tasks
30 ;;Quote: can ignore nonlinear terms in motion planning because of tight servo-control and stepper motors
31 ;;Quote: grasp stabilization needs coordinated finger activity to hold an object firmly
33 ;;Quote: dexterity of a gripper measured by its manipulability either imparting motion or exerting force
39 ;;Quote: measure manipulator mobility by jacobian transform of angular velocity and measure facility by transform of torque
59 ;;Quote: relationship between pinching the fingers and mobility varies with degree of extension from palm
74 ;;Quote: position variables are the natural choice for complex finger coordination tasks
109 ;;Quote: used linear state feedback to provide variable compliance of fingers and independent control of joints
198 ;;Quote: the fundamental finger manipulation problem is maintaining stability while controlling motion
215 ;;Quote: use secondary controllers to modulate contact forces to prevent slipping

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