Topic: continuous coordination of robot motion

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active compliance of robot motion
coordinated robot movement
force control in robots
reflex circle
robot hand
sensory prediction in coordinated motion
synchronized processing
Subtopic: gracefullness of coordinated movement up

Quote: coordinated movement has a regular, rhythmic structure which interrelates all moving segments [»trevC_1984]
Quote: coordinated movement has homogeneity and an integrated, structural unity [»bernN_1935]
Quote: gracefulness from low internal loading, few internal antagonisms, e.g., UtahHand [»jacoSC4_1986]

Subtopic: stability through coordination up

Quote: trajectory-wise coordination when continuous kinematic constraints, e.g., two robot arms holding one object [»zhenYF4_1987]
Quote: grasp stabilization needs coordinated finger activity to hold an object firmly [»speeTH_1986]
Quote: the fundamental finger manipulation problem is maintaining stability while controlling motion [»speeTH_1986]

Subtopic: telechir up

Quote: a telechir is a robot that is operated remotely by a human [»thriMW_1983]

Subtopic: measure dexterity up

Quote: dexterity of a gripper measured by its manipulability either imparting motion or exerting force [»speeTH_1986]
Quote: measure manipulator mobility by jacobian transform of angular velocity and measure facility by transform of torque [»speeTH_1986]
Quote: relationship between pinching the fingers and mobility varies with degree of extension from palm [»speeTH_1986]

Subtopic: finger coordinates up

Quote: position variables are the natural choice for complex finger coordination tasks [»speeTH_1986]

Subtopic: continuous coordination up

Quote: if two robots cooperatively lift an object, both must continuously coordinate with each other [»lozaT7_1983]

Subtopic: how to coordinate up

Quote: coordinate arms by pre-computing trajectories and selecting by synchronization signals [»kohnM9_1986]
Quote: if monitor sensors continuously during action, can assume that sensors give approximate information

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