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active compliance of robot motion
continuous coordination of robot motion
robot sensors
servo programming


A force graph provides an accurate reflection of what is happening. Particularly useful for guiding and controlling fine movements. (cbb 12/87)
Subtopic: reactive and torque forces up

Quote: active force control: use accelerometers to measure reaction force; this measures unknown forces for decoupling into linear systems [»thriMW_1983]
Quote: easier to control a system by signals that select angle-torque functions for the muscles; provides automatic feedback [»hintG_1984]
Quote: a force condition is triggered when the inner product of sensed joint torques and torque directions is above a threshold [»saliK_1986]
Quote: RSS force servos only parallel to position servos; torque servos limited by orientation servos [»gescCC1_1983]

Subtopic: force sensing up

Quote: force sensing during an operation produces a signature for error checking [»fullDM4_1987]
Quote: force sensing useful for servo control of a robot manipulator [»leeCS_1986]
Quote: force graphs useful for debugging assembly operations [»goldR_1985]

Subtopic: feedforward up

Quote: by using feedforward with feedback avoid large forces iff large errors [»hintG_1984]

Subtopic: feedback up

Quote: used linear state feedback to provide variable compliance of fingers and independent control of joints [»speeTH_1986]

Subtopic: tactile force up

Quote: use secondary controllers to modulate contact forces to prevent slipping [»speeTH_1986]
Quote: self-teaching a welder by tracking a welding seam with a tactile ball [»caiHG9_1985]

Subtopic: human muscles up

Quote: the stiffness of people learning new tasks help overcome the inadequacies of a poor internal model [»hintG_1984]
Quote: muscle force depends on rate of contraction so excess force is converted into acceleration

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