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collision avoidance by robots
coordinate frames for robot positioning
robot programming
using a world model in robotics
using robots for assembly tasks

Subtopic: robotic motion control up

Quote: to control motion need to control speed, acceleration, and approach/departure [»leeCS_1986]
Quote: to move object to destination: guarded departure, free motion, guarded arrival, compliant motion [»leeCS_1986]
Quote: trajectory generator automatically produces smooth transitions between segments [»shimBE3_1984]
Quote: use sensing to select alternative actions or correct errors [»lozaT7_1983]
Quote: robot motion either fast over large distance or slow and short distance [»goldR_1985]

Subtopic: levels of competence up

Quote: levels of competence for autonomous mobile robot: avoid contact to plan routes [»brooRA_1987]

Subtopic: multiple joints up

Quote: joint-interpolated motion gives fastest path control, all joint motions occur simultaneously [»shimBE3_1984]
Quote: motion can cause abrupt changes in manipulator configuration, e.g., right shouldered to left [»goldR_1985]

Subtopic: non-linearity up

Quote: can ignore nonlinear terms in motion planning because of tight servo-control and stepper motors [»speeTH_1986]
Quote: general nonlinear decoupling and control theory allows the use of nonlinear motion equations [»freuE_1984]
Quote: straight line motion is difficult but it simplifies collision prevention [»leeBH1_1987]
Quote: function to determine robot placement that allows straight line motion [»craiJJ4_1987]

Subtopic: examples up

Quote: sheep sheering rig by rough positioning and orientation via a 'software sheep' with sensors for corrections [»thriMW_1983]
Quote: CimStation can automatically determine robot placement for arc welding [»craiJJ4_1987]
Quote: NC machining describes curves as intersection of surfaces; used by MCL [»lozaT7_1983]

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