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Quote: market standing is essential; a marginal producer is unlikely to survive [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: market share and return on investment are strongly related; 10% change in market share corresponded to 5% change in ROI [»buzzRD1_1975]
Quote: market leaders obtain higher prices and sell significantly higher-quality products and services [»buzzRD1_1975]
Quote: single biggest difference in costs, as related to market share is the purchases-to-sales ratio; e.g., 33% for strong share and 45% for weak share [»buzzRD1_1975]
Quote: market share is more important for infrequently purchased products; e.g., 28% better ROI vs. 10% better ROI [»buzzRD1_1975]

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Quote: gaining market share can be very expensive [»buzzRD1_1975]
Quote: you can't compete head-on against an established company
Quote: in a rapidly expanding market, the dominant supplier does better with competition [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: a company must be competitor oriented; marketing attacks against positional weaknesses; e.g., DEC vs. IBM [»trouJ7_1979]

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Quote: gain product leadership by seizing the initiative before competitors are established [»trouJ5_1972]

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Quote: companies want to be the leader in a field; but product leadership is usually the result of accident rather than a plan

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