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customer-centered marketing
importance of market share
marketing technical products and innovations
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Subtopic: fear, uncertainty, doubt up

Quote: a salesman allies fear, uncertainty, and doubt through rapport with customers, understanding their concerns, and alleviating their fears [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: transparency up

Quote: observability--a product should be interesting a point of sale, used where people will see it, and reveal its features to users [»heckP_1984]

Subtopic: advertising up

Quote: advertising increases the visibility of a product; makes people more likely to try something [»heckP_1984]
Quote: in a market survey, advertising had no effect, and actually decreased sales if it was too high [»ackoRL_1975]
Quote: use ads and web sites to create ideal customers; positive beliefs, frequently visit, buy products, and advertise to others [»singSN8_1999]
Quote: advertisements range from informational, rational ads to emotional ads [»singSN8_1999]
Quote: use rational ads when audience involvement is high and emotional ads when it is low
Quote: effective ads create desired beliefs and persuasive intent towards the message, object/idea, and sponsor [»singSN8_1999]
Quote: like all communications, an advertisement informs and persuades; products and services, attitudes and behavior [»singSN8_1999]

Subtopic: price vs. cost up

Quote: Ford reduced prices to sell more cars and then tried to make the prices by forcing the costs down [»leviT7_1960]

Subtopic: standards up

Quote: Sears established hundreds of new manufacturers in other countries, and it insisted on standards of workmanship, quality, delivery [»drucPF1_1958]

Subtopic: internationalization up

Quote: a software development system needs European character sets; great quote

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