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Quote: the customer defines the business [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: marketing focus on satisfying the needs of the buyer by means of the product, while selling focuses on the seller [»leviT7_1960]
Quote: an industry is for satisfying customers, not for producing goods; start with the needs of a customer [»leviT7_1960]
Quote: a business should think of itself as buying customers instead of producing goods [»leviT7_1960]
Quote: there are no irrational customers; they behave rationally in terms of their own realities and situations [»drucPF_1974]

Subtopic: ideal customer up

Quote: use ads and web sites to create ideal customers; positive beliefs, frequently visit, buy products, and advertise to others [»singSN8_1999]

Subtopic: marketing up

Quote: marketing helps match individual needs with a producer's products; would be impossible on a case by case basis [»aldeW_1958]
Quote: marketing is a system of integrating wants, needs, and purchasing power with capacity and resources of production
Quote: marketers configure social objects, valuate objects, symbolize objects, and facilitate access to objects [»kotlP4_1972]
Quote: marketing is producing desired responses by judicious creation and offering of subjective values [»kotlP4_1972]
Quote: marketing is needed in free markets that are capable of yielding the desired response [»kotlP4_1972]
Quote: need to find and hold on to your own position in the prospect's mind [»trouJ5_1972]

Subtopic: customer not king up

Quote: in a totalitarian system, economic development is attempted without marketing; ignores peoples wants and values [»drucPF1_1958]
Quote: 'customer is king' often doesn't work [»trouJ7_1979]

Subtopic: distributer is a customer up

Quote: the manufacturer of branded consumer goods has two customers: the homeowner and the grocer [»drucPF_1974]
Quote: carpet manufacturers became successful when they made the mass builder their customer instead of the homeowner; part of cost of new home [»drucPF_1974]

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Quote: market prediction must start with demographic analysis as the sturdiest and most reliable foundation

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