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An interactive system should provide multiple views of data (e.g., an outline view, a graphical view, and a textual view). The views should coordinate during modification and navigation. Color may be used to synchronize the views. (cbb 4/98)
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Quote: don't metaphor me in; interaction requires multiple views [»vandA7_1988]
Quote: an interactive display should dynamically reflect the structure of the displayed objects; should create subviews as needed [»maieD1_1986]
Quote: when writing need different modes for different kinds of thinking [»smitJB6_1987]
Quote: need multiple viewpoints to understand a component of a system; highly interactive [»winoT7_1979]
Quote: a programmer needs to reorganize information dynamically with different views and levels of detail [»winoT7_1979]

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Quote: derivative text motion--two windows such that one window moves according to the other window, e.g., table of contents and text [»nelsTH_1974]
Quote: a zippered list consists of enduring, pairwise links between elements [»nelsTH8_1965]
Quote: shared window showing group calendar that scrolls with a private calendar [»sariS10_1985]

Subtopic: color coding up

Quote: use the same color to tie together corresponding features in multiple views [»browMH12_1992]

Subtopic: filtered views up

Quote: Waterloo Port uses viewers; a filter that copies stdin to stdout and displays some property or aspect of the text [»malcM12_1983]
Quote: can define multiple views of a record file; specify a filter, a sort order, and a formatting document [»smitDC4_1982]

Subtopic: categorized views -- for data up

Quote: an Agenda view is an assignment of items/notes to one of several categories [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: an Agenda view is constructed by arranging categories in rows and columns; selection, demarcation, and annotation [»kaplSJ7_1990]
Quote: an Agenda view selects items; divides into section lists by category; annotates each item by categories
Quote: without a fixed field/value orientation, Agenda can present data in any format

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Quote: Elastic Windows stretch, shrink, iconify to visualize roles through hierarchical windows
Quote: richly linked visualization tool for software change data; discovery of high-level structures; effective access to details; used everyday [»eickSG4_2002]
Quote: explore symbolic equations with Graph Equation; explore effect of parameter on graph; see answers while still thinking about questions [»lickJC5_1962]
Quote: visualization tool used multiple views composed from matrices, cityscapes, bar charts, networks, etc.; used for discovery of high-level structures and effective access to details
Quote: SDMS's Dataland shown via a small, world view monitor, and a ten-foot enlarged image of a small subsector [»boltRA_1979]
Quote: in an algorithm animation system, need multiple, simultaneous views of the algorithm and its data structures [»browMH5_1988]
Quote: an algorithm animation needs multiple views to convey lots of information [»browMH12_1992]
Quote: a Boxer port is a parallel view of another structure for non-hierarchical relationships [»diseAA9_1986]
Quote: Programmers_Assistant shows the generated code while the programmer is editing a plan [»wateRC1_1982]
Quote: Programmers_Assistant maintains a program and a plan; the programmer can edit either and the analyzer or coder respectively updates the other [»wateRC1_1982]
Quote: Programmers_Assistant coder creates code from an edited plan; displayed to programmer as a summary of the program's current state [»wateRC1_1982]

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